E-book: How today’s youth view recruitment

This e-book directs employers towards a better understanding of how today’s youth want to be recruited. Companies can use it to attract future employees and build a better recruitment experience for everyone, leaving a lasting impression with a strong employer brand.

Amber Feitsma

April 2018 · 12 min reading

The e-book is based on a quantitative survey with 200 respondents based in Denmark, aged 20-35, with different degrees varying in length and subject. In addition, a focus group with 10 newly graduated youth assisted by describing different struggles and subjects they experience approaching the recruitment process. Using this data, we uncovered what it is employers can do to create a better experience.

Theme 1: The Application Process

How can companies optimise their job postings? How many of today’s youth research the company or position they are applying for and adapt their CV accordingly? Is it important that they are able to upload a video of themselves? Get answers to what millennials prioritise during the application process.

“In the focus group it was mentioned that they put a lot of time and effort into making motivating applications — anywhere from a few hours to several days. The majority of today’s youth are under the impression that it is the CV that matters most to employers.”

Theme 2: The Hiring Process

How many tests and trials is acceptable to put an applicant through during the application process? What defines a good rejection letter? Find out what matters most to today’s youth in regards to the hiring process.

“Once a candidate has submitted their application, it is expected that a bit of time passes while they wait for a positive or negative response. According to our survey, 82% would like an outline of the deadlines and important dates that are involved in the process. Candidates say it is often not made clear.”

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