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We help colleges execute student recruitment campaigns in order to attract motivated international students.

Colleges are in constant competition with universities. Admitting international students is becoming increasingly difficult, as the upcoming generations continue to shrink. A quality image is therefore imperative – colleges are required to work a little harder in order to brand themselves as attractive to today’s youth. This involves knowing how and where to get in touch with potential students, both on a global and local scale.

Our marketing campaigns help colleges market themselves to international students in a way that is relevant and attractive. We make sure that today’s youth are aware of the benefits and broad number of possibilities that come with a college education. Our student recruitment campaigns, with the help of our admissions software, ensure that the educational institute in question admits the right students with ease.

CompanYoung has been researching and working with this segment for over a decade. Our Generation Lab is filled with data-based insights on the students of tomorrow, and what kind of student recruitment strategies attract them.



Educational marketing, from attraction to admission

We always have a starting point in our well-proven method as we prepare attraction strategies for colleges. We work with schools from the beginning of strategy development, all the way to execution – of course maintaining a close collaboration with the individual institution. Our quality education marketing results in increased enrolment.


We plan and deliver effective attraction and recruitment strategies and campaigns.


We collect, analyse, and publish insights on Generation Y, Z, and Alpha.


We develop tools and technology to support, enhance, and improve attraction and recruitment of youth.


We develop, increase, and optimise direct interaction with a younger audience.

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Our team has many years of experience in preparing and executing strategies and campaigns that attract students to colleges. Contact us today and hear more about our innovative methods.

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