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We help businesses in the technology sector efficiently attract and recruit young professionals – globally and locally.

The technology sector is fast-paced and ever-changing. Tech companies require a flow of fresh talent in order to stay ahead of the competition. Being a global industry, where many companies operate remotely, it is often a challenge to attract and recruit IT specialists without leaving the head office. Maintaining an attractive employer brand is vital for tech companies that want to be taken seriously as global competition.

At CompanYoung, we understand our clients’ desire to source the best candidates possible, right where they need them. It is important to investigate company culture, youth culture, and local culture in order to create an effective, knowledge-based recruitment marketing strategy. Let us help you attract the most competent and experienced of the IT talent pool.

CompanYoung walks tech companies through each step of the recruitment process, from initiation to execution of a creative branding strategy, as well as monitoring of media plans. We assist further by setting up intuitive career and event pages through our recruitment software.

Streamline the recruitment process for your tech company

Our well-tested method ensures that the right talent finds you and view your business as the ideal employer. Both strategy and execution is developed in close collaboration with each customer. Let us help you build a successful recruitment campaign.


We plan and deliver effective attraction and recruitment strategies and campaigns.


We collect, analyse, and publish insights on Generation Y, Z, and Alpha.


We create tools and technology to support, enhance, and improve attraction and recruitment of youth.


We develop, increase, and optimise direct interaction with a younger audience.

We assist with:

Some of our IT customers

Attract, recruit, retain

We know what attracts talented young professionals, and how valuable they are for your business. We also know how to retain the ones that inspire company success. Don’t hesitate to contact us and find out more!

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